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For the concept of healthy life is everyone's responsibility to promote low carbon living home for our living together and make due contributions, Floor Industry obligatory. March 27, 2010 20:30-21:30, the representative of one of the flooring industry, the World Wildlife Foundation "Outstanding Conservation supporters"?? Natural flooring (China) Co., Ltd. in Hangzhou - Shunde Twins lights , and Zhejiang TV Taiwan, Shunde radio station launched with the "lights out for an hour" live activity, call the public "with a short dark hour, in exchange for long-term green earth and light."

In Shunde, nature activities before the start of the floor as early as within the company had launched the staff signatures to support "Earth Hour" action, more spontaneous nature, the floor staff through QQ, BBS and other network channels will be "Earth Hour "campaign message to close friends.

In the March 27 evening, the lights on the eve of Mother Nature along the floor staff in the Mountain Plaza to introduce people to the scene of the "Earth Hour" campaign, and participated in the activities Environmental protection Who distributed a commemorative badge of green ribbon and green, also called on more people to pay attention to climate change and the threat posed to humanity by promoting collective turn off the lights for one hour, changing the global carbon dioxide emissions for the attitude of the people, for them through signature in the form of action to address climate change that determination and support.

Global response to climate change involved the largest number of action?? "Earth Hour" 7 continents in the world, held together more than 6,000 cities, more than 1 billion people simultaneously turn off the lights for one hour, to express conservation Energy Care for the earth's response. The event was launched from the World Wide Fund for Nature WWF, started in 2007 aims to promote people around the world, the night the lights go out side, with practical actions on climate change issues. Nature, in the face of global climate issues and the Chinese Government's emission reduction commitments through positive thinking with practical action to respond to the call. Since the 2008 "Earth Hour" to China since the first floor in the Chinese-led nature of the operation, launched nearly a year through more than 3,000 natural flooring store more than 20,000 employees nationwide to participate in publicity and promotion, "Earth hours "activities.

Floor, according to General Manager Mr. Liang Zhihua nature description: "Earth Hour" concept advocated by the low-carbon life, and the nature of natural advocate for health care brand floor carbon Home Vision of life a high degree of fit. As early as 2006, natural floor 10 million yuan to support the exclusion of China Green China Green Foundation operations, continue to environmental protection force, and to "the territory of China Green Project "As the planning objectives, has launched the" I'm kind of tree, the Yellow River "," I kind of tree in the Yangtze River "and other series of afforestation projects. Up to now, natural flooring in China, Shanxi, Guangdong, Shandong, Hubei and other areas set 8 eco-forestry, afforestation public green area will be more than 80,000 square meters, planting 500,000, nearly 5 million people attracted attention and support of environmental protection has aroused great concern in the community. to natural flooring, for example, There are many companies in the flooring industry with our efforts to quietly for a low-carbon life.
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Flooring Industry Lights For One Hour With A Low Carbon Concept Advocated By Action - The Floor,

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Flooring Industry Lights For One Hour With A Low Carbon Concept Advocated By Action - The Floor,

This article was published on 2010/12/29